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Worldwar 1975 Oceania by MTT3008
Worldwar 1975 Oceania
Worldwar - Change of the Balance - 1975

It is the year 1975, which marks the 32nd year of the invasion of Earth by the species simply known as 'The Race'. The world since the invasion has changed vastly. New nations were formed, borders redrawn and new alliances formed.

In the South Pacific lie the two nations of Australia and New Zealand, both of which are part of the Commonwealth Alliance, with the United Kingdom as the leading nation.


The political shape of Australia has changed quite drastically ever since the war ended 32 years ago. As population density here was much lower than in any other part of the world, the Race took the continent nearly overnight, leaving only the most heavily populated part in the South-East unoccupied. Yet with the help of the interdimensional visitor that supplied the resisting forces in Australia with weapons the local military was able to drive the Race back, but was unable to push them entirely out of the continent, even with the EMP attack on Australia that destroyed a huge deal of the Race's equipment, but left enough in working condition to defend their positions.

Because of this reason nearly about one half of the continent is Race territory, which includes all of the center as well as nearly the entire Westcoast and the North-East. Over a time-span of 10 years the Australian government re-settled the people living in these regions, as well as mined every known deposit of minerals they knew of at that time, leaving only empty mines and sometimes even huge craters from surface mining.

Australia in 1975 in this universe has a slightly higher population as in OTL, mostly due to the fact that it took in quite a number of former settlers from India and Africa, but also because of a government measurement to increase the population of the nation as a whole, so Australia could be better prepared for a future war. This was mostly done by giving tax-brakes families which had 3 children or more.

Australia's military is cooperating heavily with the British Army both in developing new weapons as well as doing huge war-games in the North-Eastern parts of Australia, together with the other members of the Commonwealth Alliance. Australia itself does not have the atom-bomb, but instead is under the nuclear umbrella of the United Kingdom, offering them UK land for military bases and harbors. But Australia has also quite a large number of submarines, that are capable of firing cruise missiles, a technological feat the Race is still having problems with. Together with the British they also are currently trying to built a number of walker-tanks of the type 'Conquerer'.

Along the border to the Race territory the Australians built a 100 feet high and 30 feet deep wall, to prevent the spread of animals from spreading into their territory, as Australia already had enough problems with animals from other continents from Earth, like the Agga toad, they didn't want to try out what alien plants and animals would do to their eco-system.

Plants seeds though are frequently blown over the walls, and quickly set foot on Australian territory. To prevent the spread of these plants, the Australian armed forces built a number of automated tanks that patrol a 1 kilometer broad zone along the wall, burning any kind of vegetation they find there.

Because of the Race population nearly twice the size of the human population many people live in a constant fear of a possible war between them and the Race, which caused a large increase in private nuclear fallout-shelters all over the country, as well as many SAM positions around the larger cities in the South East of the country.


New Zealand was one of the few nations that were never occupied during the invasion of the Race, as they saw it as too far off and remote and without any real strategic importance. Because of this fact, after the war, quite a number of people immigrated to NZ, hoping to escape a possible future war where NZ would likely be spared as well.

Like Australia, NZ is part of the Commonwealth Alliance as well and have a medium sized number of British ans Canadian soldiers inside their borders. They also have the main submarine port of the Royal Navy in the South Pacific.


New Caledonia is an important source of the French industry for nickel, while Tahiti acts as the main harbor of the French Navy for the Pacific, and the Mururoa atoll has been acting as a testfield for French nuclear weapons for several decades now.

*Edit: As a watcher noted out, I missed French Polynesia, I added this now on the map.


Settlement-Zone 1 is the most important settlement zone of the Race on Tosev 3, even though the population is smaller than in Settlement-Zone 2 and 3, as Fleetlord Atvar decided that the capital of the Racce on Tosev 3 would be built over the former Tosevian city of Broome, now boasting a population of over 2 million (before the war it was not even 20 000 ).

The decision for this small city was that it was, first far off from other human non-empires and Atvar deemed it thus much safer than other locations her considered (this fact was negated when Tosevites started to built massive numbers of submarines that were capable of firing ICBMs and cruise missiles) and also because it was situated at a natural harbor, and Fleetlord Atvar realized that in the future naval trade and shipping would be very important on this planet, so their capital should have an equally important harbor. Also, because of the little number of humans, it was easier for the Race to rebuild the city after they were resettled, leaving only the city center as it was, somewhat as a prime example of inefficient human urban building.

The building of the rest of the planned cities in the Settlement Zone 1 went according to plan, yet again the builders complained nearly without end because of the additional infrastructure of airraid shelters and bunkers.

But an even greater pain in the tail-stub would be the flora and fauna of the continent. While plantlife to a certain extent was easy to replace with plants from home, animals were much much more resisting. Quite a huge number of settler fell victims to various poisonous animals, like spiders and snakes, but also crocodiles in the North proofed to be quite hard to erradicate, and still many areas are off-limits to any civilian member of the Race.

Later Atvar would be accused of making a bad decision for Broome as their capital as it was hit by a cyclone in 1967, a phenomenon totally unknown to the Race. And even though the damage caused by the hurricane to the city was minor, many people would leave this 'dangerous' city for more 'safer' cities inlands. Also many people complained because of the high humidity, another fact that let the city not grow as fast as anticipated.

For now the situation with the Australians have eased a bit. Trade between the Race and the Australians is slowly increasing, yet the Australian government tries to limit it, as they don't want to be too dependent on the Race.

But the political situation between the Race and Australia today could be described as 'Neutral'. Which is the total opposite of some nations in Asia.


No journal entries yet.



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