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Martha Washington: An American Dream by MTT3008
Martha Washington: An American Dream
Some time I bought a graphic novel called Martha Washington: An American Dream, a dystopian alternative-history comic, which I found quite amusing and well made. There was also this map here, that showed the state of the USA at the time when the second US civil-war in 2011 started.

So let's have a look at the various factions that are gathered around here. (All info are direct quote's from the description of the graphic novel, except for the info of the USA)

Light grey coloured territory - USA

The USA are militaristic dictatorship by all means. The US armed forces have been replaced by PAX, which at the start where a peace-keeping force under direct control of the US president. PAX has been founded by President Rexall in 2005. He was elected in 1996, and he also revoked the 22nd amendment, which prohibits the president to be reelected a second time. Under his presidency the USA turned slowly but surely into a militaristic police state.

In 2008 the US is at war with 40 other nations, as well as itself. Austerity meassures force the state to close prisons and mental institutes all over the nation. On the streets rule violence and poverty. Facing a defeat in his 4th reelection president Rexall declares martial law across the US, enforced by PAX. In the same year congress approves of the minister of health's 'War against disease', which he states is a crime. His Health-Police assist PAX in pacifying the streets, but only for a few weeks.

In 2009 a US orbital laser-canon accidentally hits Saudi-Arabia instead of Lybia (probably wanted to remove Gadafi), setting the oil-fields ablaze. King Xassad  swears revenge on the US because of this tragedy. On the 5th of May 2009 a napalm-bomb destroys the white house, killing the vice president, the justice minister, and all members of the president's cabinet. Rexall himself is badly injured and falls into a coma. The sole surviver of the cabinet is Howard Nissen, minister for agriculture and a liberla democrat, who did not attent the meeting because he had the flue and was at home in bed at the time of the attack. On the 9th of May 2009 Nissen is sworn in as the first new US president in 13 years. The next day orders the withdrawal of all PAX troops from the infested areas around the world, from Central-America, Kuba, Israel, Pakistan and Indochina.

At an unknown point before this date the United States has allready been kicked out of every international organisation, also from the UN (who replaced the US in the security council is unknown). This actions lead to the return of the US to the United Nations. But the PAX troops do not return to their barracks. Instead Nissen sends them on a new mission - to save the Amazon rainforests from multinational Burger corporations.

21st of June 2009: President Nissen initiates the 'Swords to Plowshares' treaty, in which the orbital laser-space-station of the US and USSR are re-aimed at their own territory and only an unanimously vote of the General assembly could change that. Later that year Nissen also shocks the nation as he declares to try to resolve the conflict with the Apache people by peacefull means.

31st of March 2010: Nissen receives the Nobel Price for Peace.

In early 2011 a terrorist group calling itself the Arian Axis (consisting of homosexual nazis) overtakes a US laser-space-station, as their HQ in the Apalachians has 'accidentally' been erradicated by a misfire of one of the stations. They threaten to destroy the White house if their demands are not met, but Martha Washinton, soldier of PAX (the comic's heroine), saves the day.

Over the year the situation in the USA worsens as president Nissen sends PAX into South Africa to end the apartheid regime (result unknown), as well as the ongoing conflict with the Apache people grows worse and worse by the day. In February 2011 an over-ambitious Lt. Moretti of PAX tricks the drunk president in signing an order to destroy an
by the Apache occupied refinery (where Martha Washington is held by the Apache after her shuttle crashed after she destroyed the laser space-station held by the Axis) via orbital laser-canon. Martha as well as the leader of the Apache barely escape.

This attack prompts the US congress
unanimously to impeach the president, but before this could happen, the PAX officer who tricked the president, also destroys the White House, together with the president and all members of his cabinet. This results in PAX, under Moretti's controll, to declare martial law, which results in the start of the second US civil war at the very same day.

Green coloured territory - God's country

The coalition government consisting of the Minister of Health and the leaders of the New Calvinist Initiativ pledges to 'destroy the impure and create a paradise without cigarettes and drugs'. Forbidden under the threat of the death penalty  are: 'bad music, bad food, dirty words, contraception, pornography and adultery'. The nuclear missile silos of the north-west-coast as well as 50 000 battle-prooven soldiers of the Health-Troops give this state a considerable strong military strength.

Yellow coloured territory - Wonderland

The largest entertainment-complex of the world was once the playground of the nation. But robots modeled after cartoons are on the path to war and demand 'cultural autonomy' and the 'end of enslavement of AIs'. Rumors that humans are murdered and subjugated en mass are not confirmed yet.  Should PAX attack Wonderland, a hostage-crisis of a scale never seen before could happen. The enforcement of the amendment, that allows the liberation of hostages by all means could cause the death of millions of people.

Blue coloured territory - Real America

The troops of the Fat Boy Burgers corporation guard the millions of acres of pastures. They breed and slaughter without end, to serve greedy customers their burgers in a clear violation of the 94. amendment, which prohibits the procution and sale of red meat. The illegal Fast Food group is well armed to defend its territory: during the Amazon war its army with 1 million men, together with massive air-support nearly defeted PAX.

Pink coloured territory - Mexico

Even though officially Mexico is still in US hands, the over-populated country trades openly with Real America and it is the main source of cheap labor forces for Fat Boy Burgers. On satellite images you can see hundreds of illegal pastures. Experst call tis area no longer 'Americas Ireland' but 'Burger-Heaven'. The anti-american attitude is the country is enormous, and PAX officers of mexican origina defect in huge numbers to the Fat-Boy-Army. An alliance of both powers would threaten the US's dominance over North-America.

Dark grey territory - The Lone-Star-Republic

Texas holds to its borders, as well as its habits. With the motto 'Weapons, meat and beer' Billy Coolant, a dentist from Dallas, managed to form a government, that is based on 'basis values' and that rigorously rejects the 1st, 5th and 94th amendment. The cordially relationship with Fat Boy Burgers leaves no doubt on whose side Teax would be, if a war between PAX and Fat Boy would begin. Only the Texans' hate for Fat-Boy-pornography  and the eternal battles wtih Mexico has prevented an alliance so far. Texas has an army of 300 000 men and with their nuclear arsenal they could destroy any city in the Western hemisphere. The next US president has to take the Texan displeasure about the current US constitution into account.

Orange coloured territory - Florida

In the Sun-shine-state, just two years ago, were the militarily best equipped settlements in the entire coutry. Now supply with food and communications are disrupted and the annexation by Cuba seems inevitable.

Red coloured territory - The Women-Confederation

Amanda Nissen, former first Lady, postulated that 'all evil in the world is caused by men'. This way she become the leadress of a strong women-movement in the South-East, where the various
quarrelsome factions united to overthrow the governments of the old South. In her first speach she found conciliatory words, and assured that the Confederation strives for diplomatical and economical relations with the US. The fertile farmland of the South is an important source of food. For now the borders for male US citizens is closed. Nissen prohibited pornography, marriage, sexist remarks  and 'negative rolemodels' in the entertainment industry. There are many nuclear silos in the South, but most of them are in really bad shape. On the other hand, Nissen has an orbital Laser-canon under her command, which makes an invasion by PAX unlikely.

Beige coloured territory - The capitalist East-Coast-Dictatorship

Manhattans strong man Edward Beluga is currently no threat to the USA. Even though he has a huge number of conventional forces, he has no WMDs. And he also has enough problems at home. His troops, tired after the year-long Manhattan-Brooklyn war, are fighting an urban war against the homosexual racist Arian Axis, against the Front of Black Supremacy and 50 other seperatist movements.

Lavender coloured territory - New England Federation

Of all the new states, this one is the weakest one by military means, but also the most peacefull one. This faction is considered to be the most likely one to reunify with the USA. The biggest obstacle is the abolish nearly all amendments since 1990. And these Green-Mountains-eggheads, that caused the crash of the databanks of the IRS in 2009 surely have something more in mind too.

Radio-active Zone

The radio-active zone in the center of the US near Omaha is officially the largest nuclear accident in human history, inhabitated by rock-music and motor-bike loving mutants. Only later it is revealed to Martha Washinton that in fact the destruction was caused by a Weather-controll station of PAX, killing 12 million people.

Martha Washinton comic belongs to Frank Miller and Dave Gibbons


No journal entries yet.



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